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Division of Undergraduate Education Directory


Brian Utter, Ph.D.                                
Interim Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education                                     
James Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Director, Center of Engaged Teaching and Learning
Teaching Professor of Physics
Alisha Kimble, M.A.                                 
Assistant Dean                                   
Mohabbat Ahmadi
Assistant Dean                 

Dean's Office Staff

Executive Assistant
William Lentz, Ph.D.
Special Projects Assistant
Linda Sheehan, Ed.D.
Assessment Analyst

Affiliated Centers & Programs 

Jorge L. Arroyo, Ed.D. 
Luis Carrasco, M.A. 
Director, STEM Tutoring Hub
Aliyah McGuire
Diana Hernandez Garcia
Program Coordinators, UCDC & UCCS
Erin Goldin, Ph.D.
Justin Hicks, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Chair - General Education
Teaching Professor, Economics
Eileen Camfield
Tammy Johnson, Ed.D.
Director, Summer Session
Michelle Roppeau, Ph.D.
Director of First Year and Undeclared Advising, Bobcat Advising Center 
*Full Organization chart available upon request.