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Living Learning Communities (LLC)

What are LLCs?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are programs that allow connections for diverse group of students with a common focus. Students get to live together and participate in shared courses, special events and service projects as a group.

For a complete list of our living learning communities, please visit the housing website here.

Promoting Student Success

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) promote undergraduate student success by facilitating engagement in “opportunities for growth in and out of the classroom”, providing “support, guidance and resources that equip students to pursue their educational journey” and ensuring “students have the tools to complete their academic, career and personal goals” (UC Merced Definition of Student Success).

LLCs support the development of a community of learners, balancing academic and social development through experiences that connect students to each other, demonstrate how academic concepts have practical application and introduce students to campus and community resources.

Intended Outcomes

The following outcomes will provide an opportunity for evaluation of impact of LLCs for the purpose of program improvement and inform future iterations of UC Merced’s LLCs.

By participating in Living Learning Communities, students will

  • develop a sense of belonging in the UC Merced community
  • experience higher academic outcomes, including GPA and persistence achievement
  • participate in relevant student organizations and academic support experiences

To realize these student outcomes, faculty, staff and peer educators will

  • Promote authentic learning that enables students to connect and transfer learning within and beyond their linked courses
  • collaborate across units to design an impactful student experience
  • implement active and collaborative teaching and learning strategies
  • Articulate connections between curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Increase involvement in professional and career development activities

General Requirements and Standards

  • Participants must be first-year students at UC Merced.
  • Must live on campus for the entire duration of the academic year (unless exempt).
  • Must follow Housing and Residential Life Community/Conduct Expectations as well as University Student Code of Conduct.

Events and Happenings