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CORE 001 Course

Please note: The Core course was last offered in the Spring Semester 2018; it has been replaced by the new General Education Program which will be offered in the Fall Semester 2018 (see the tab above).  The information below is being retained for reference purposes. 


The College One course, CORE 1: The World at Home, is future-oriented and focuses on devising solutions to real-life problems. It is unique in the UC system in that it draws upon the disciplines and faculty of all three Schools at UC MercedNatural Sciences, Engineering, and Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts—in order to introduce students to the fields in which they will major and may make their career.

Hallmarks of the CORE Course are:

  • The curriculum characterizes connections: faculty working together to connect academic themes and subjects, and students connecting what they have just learned with what they will learn.
  • Students will learn to think analytically and communicate effectively in the context of problems directly affecting their lives and futures.
  • Faculty will explore new directions by working with colleagues in the Core course, as well as by stimulating student interest in the diverse fields of study.

CORE 001 introduces all UC Merced freshmen to the issues facing informed citizens in the 21st century and provides the tools needed to address them. The CORE faculty show how their disciplines identify and define a problem, emphasizing the intersections and contrasts among diverse intellectual approaches.